Stoned Love

I had a few phone calls this afternoon as I was chairing our team meeting at work – turns out it was Ken Goodrich trying to alert me to a County mega and hoping I could help the finder organise a twitch. Thankfully Andy Mackay must have picked up the message as Twitter alerted me to the mega… Stone Curlew! Stone the Crows…

A few other missed calls and games of phone tennis later and I was anxiously waiting for a call from Arthur Prince to say my car was ready. Finally I was off to North Luffenham from Narborough via Loughborough and then along the A606 through Melton at teatime… not a great journey.

A few anxious calls to and from Skev and I arrived at my destination just on 18.00 hours. Tim Collins, the lucky finder soon had us in convoy around to where his wife and Andrew Harrop had the bird staked out.

Typically the Stone Curlew was doing what Stone Curlew always seem to do… nothing. We had partially obscured views and this has to be the worst photo of one ever – unless Garry Bagnall has twitched one. It was taken on my iPhone 3GS… not a great camera to say the least.

Stone Curlew

For various reasons, and my thoughts go out to two County listers unable to make it today, only a few low-listers seemed to make it and of the big boys only Andy Brett was there. Roger is currently in Scotland so a family row seems on the cards.

The Twitch

A big thanks to Tim Collins for getting access, to the MOD for allowing us on their land and the Rutland Flyers, the model aircraft club for cancelling today to allow the bird some space. Even the Rutland Flyers who hadn’t heard about the cancellation and who accidentally flushed the bird giving some great flight views as well. It did show well in the end and I left very, very happy.

Stoned Love was The Supremes last hit in 1970 after the departure of Diana Ross and features Jean Terrell on lead vocals.


5 responses to “Stoned Love

  1. thedrunkbirder

    Ha ha… what happened to you?

  2. Bad timing – family ‘do’ this evening (brother & family over from Ireland) then going to Cambridge till Saturday. Arse.

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Mark, I’ve linked your blog. Great birds eh?

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