Barn Doors

There was/is a great footballing put down (last used for Fernando Torres I believe) that said a player couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo…

… well, Dave Gray dipped another White-tailed Eagle today at Ruckland in Lincolnshire – he couldn’t see a flying barn door with his bino’s. Not like they’re easy to miss Dave!


4 responses to “Barn Doors

  1. Spoke to Dave earlier, coincidentally whlist he was dipping – mentioned it would be a shame to change a habit of a lifetime ……

  2. David Gray

    Don’t worry John, I will probably find one in the Soar Valley in the future and have you running like a headless chicken for it!? 😉

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Dave, you’re never going to see one face up to it!

  4. Acording to Birdnet it was present yesterday.

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