Blog Posts on Avez-Vous Un Cuppa As Hard To Find As Sea Eagles

Top birders are today reporting that updates on the Avez-Vous Un Cuppa blog hosted by Dave Gray are becoming as hard to find as White-tailed Eagle for at least one well-known blogger of Avez-Vous Un Cuppa in the UK. Despite boasting a 14ft wing-span White-tailed Eagles just seem to disappear whenever Dave Gray tries twitching one… only to reappear once he’s gone. This has led to Mr Gray spending less time at his computer updating his blog. ‘It’s a classic chicken and egg situation’ said The Leicester Llama, who despite reports to the contrary is still alive and well but just ‘bored’ with blogging.

Barry Gagwell, spokesman for the British Birdspotters Club said, ‘I’ve even had a new stair carpet fitted.’


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