Birds Nest Soup

After Dave Gray’s discovery of the first Birds Nest Orchid in Leicestershire in 30 odd years, I was intrigued to have a look. After picking up a Micky D’s breakfast we joined Skev who was hungrily waiting at Cloud Wood.

Suitably blindfolded, Dave led us into the wood and showed us some nice Early Purple Orchids. Even in late April a lot of spikes were already well past there best.

Early Purple Orchid

We moved on to the site of probably Leicestershire’s rarest plant. It didn’t disappoint… by virtue of being rare. In looks terms, it’s no stunner though. Due to poor light and low shutter speeds, pin-sharp images are at a premium. In other words I didn’t get any! Even flash didn’t help much…

Birds Nest Orchid

Birds Nest Orchid

A few Greater Butterfly Orchid were already coming into bud so should be showing well soon. On our way out of the wood Skev showed us some Longhorn Moths, this one is Adela reaumurella.

Adela reaumurella

Dave and I moved on to Wanlip Meadows, the Garganey seemed to find the scrape boring and spent the whole time asleep. A single Wood Sandpiper and three Greenshank were present as well.


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