Putting A Gloss On It

The past few years have seen large influxes of Glossy Ibis, seemingly every County getting a visit by one or more. VC55, Leicestershire and Rutland remained Ibis free.

This year with only one or two roaming the UK we finally scored as one was seen on the Lyndon Reserve at Rutland Water before relocating to Lagoon II. I had work today and then an appointment with my hairdresser so it was going to be 5.30 before I could get away, thankfully my afternoon ran a bit more smoothly and Robin had no-one booked in before me. I was making my way to Rutty when a Twitter message alerted me to the fact the bird had flown towards Harrier Hide.

A quick check from Mallard Hide – no sign so onwards, approaching the new hide, Beast, Chris Lythall and Paul Powell were just leaving and said the bird wasn’t visible from there. On to Harrier Hide where a delighted Andrew Harrop was enjoying this superb adult in full breeding plumage. Having no phone I had to resort to the iPhone. A quick video grab (no zoom sadly) and a few shoddy photos were soon on the phone.

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis

That’s 236 now for the County… why didn’t I actively County list from when I got here? I’d have a decent total now!

6/5/11 Update A couple of photos taken by Matthew Berriman yesterday. Thanks Matthew for allowing me to use them.

Glossy Ibis copyright Matthew Berriman

Glossy Ibis copyright Matthew Berriman


3 responses to “Putting A Gloss On It

  1. You have a hairdresser called Robin and you make appointments? That’s doesn’t sound right for a staunch socialist from Yorkshire. Do you get a cup of tea thrown in aswell.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Coffee… with a Lotus biscuit. How gay am I?

  3. Damn – Skev beat me to it!!

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