Gutter Snipe

Set off to Cley after work with Dave and Colin and arrived safely after a close call with a reversing lorry near Kings Lynn!

The car park at Cley was a lot fuller than I expected and a swift walk round towards the hides revealed a bit of a queue. A few mutterings of discontent at one or two seemingly pushing in but generally things were pretty settled. Problem was the start of the queue to get into the hide was well away from the hide as people tried in vain to look the wrong way.

After nothing happened for a while, a Lesser Yellowlegs cleared the hide a bit. A discussion with the warden was inconclusive so we bypassed the crowd and headed into the hide.

By 21.30 it was pretty clear we’d dipped. I managed to glimpse the Yellowlegs, watched a Whimbrel fly over the Marsh and a late Hobby hunting.

I would just like to thank the reserve staff for charging £4.50 and then basically doing fuck all to organise anything and who then all just pissed off round to the West Bank – sadly not the occupied territories. No wonder I avoid Cley like the plague!


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