The Cobh House Crow Shot

Shocking video footage has just been released by the Irish Birdspotters Club of a man killing the House Crow that has been resident in Cobh for some months now. The man is described as a lunatic, wearing a soiled ‘I Shot JR’ T shirt, blue Jeans and answering to the name of Tom.

A TV News crew was on hand to witness this despicable act. Some readers may find the following footage disturbing…

A couple of Priests representing the ISPCA made this protest.

Irish birder Barry Fussy said of the shooting ‘ah sure but it’s tragic, a generation of kid-listers will still need it for their British lists now, for sure.’


One response to “The Cobh House Crow Shot

  1. Harry Hussey

    Well, someone needed to obtain a specimen…

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