Lady Eleanor

After Bentley Wood, I had intended on heading off to Arne RSPB reserve for Dragonflies but a quick look at the Road Atlas had me heading for Lymington and the Wightlink ferry to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, an island tick for me. 15 minutes later and I was at Compton Bay for a butterfly lifer. Glanville Fritillary. Named after the 17th Century entomologist Lady Eleanor Glanville, the butterfly is a real stunner. I can’t claim to know whether Lady Eleanor was a stunner but her children were so concerned about her hobby they tried to overturn her will as they thought she was mad… kids eh?

Glanville Fritillary

Glanville Fritillary

Other insects on the wing here were Common Blue and Dingy Skipper but time was against me so I had to leave the other blues that are find nearby.

I did have time for a lovely ice cream and to photograph these Rook and the Black-headed Gulls that hang around the car park.



Black-headed Gull

Finally a bit of Lindisfarne with Lady Eleanor.


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