Lord Adonis

One of the most inappropriately named politicians of recent years is Andrew Adonis, a Labour Life Peer. Now I know his name seems almost Dickensian but a Dickens Lord Adonis would at least be good-looking. Andrew Adonis would probably be named Lord Weasleylookingbastard…

Well, thankfully I didn’t go to Dorset looking for Life Peers but a target species was the stunning Adonis Blue. A wonderful and very easy site to visit is Durlston Country Park on the edge of Swanage. After checking in to the visitor centre I, as seemingly always, left with little on-the-ground knowledge of the best places to search. I know volunteers are the backbone of conservation but for fucks sake please have a bit of a clue if you’re on the information desk at a nature reserve.

So with little information I set off looking for Adonis and Small Blues (1000s of the latter reported). I found no Small Blues but eventually used my Spider senses to suss out a good spot for the Adonis Blues. Again we’ve had a very early season and the freshest blues were Common Blues, lovely looking butterflies in their own right but when you finally see an Adonis – wow! What a blue.

Adonis Blue

Adonis Blue

A few Skippers were on the wing, it’s far too early yet for Lulworth but good numbers of Dingy Skipper and one Grizzled were recorded.

Dingy Skipper


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