Is It Cos I Is Black?

No sorry to say it Lewis Hamilton it is because you’re a mega rich, spoiled wanker…

F1 can barely called a sport and when it was at least exciting back in the 70s and early 80s it had some pretty robust characters. I’m thinking of Ayrton Senna, James Hunt, Alain Prost et al. Yes they were rich but they really put their bodies on the line. If they got run off the track they’d take it out on the other driver. Hamilton is one of that growing band of pampered arseholes that are ruining sport for everyone. Maybe the media can get a super injunction that bans the wanker from opening his mouth until he stops being so stupid. Face it man, you’re an average driver at best…


One response to “Is It Cos I Is Black?

  1. You’re right that it was far more exciting back in those eras – but also ridiculously dangerous, expecially 70s with some horrifically avoidable deaths simply due to the lack of marshalling experience and techniques (like Roger Williamson burning to death whilst marshalls failed to deal with the fire, and Tom Pryce effectively decapitated by a marshalls fire extinguisher as he ran across the track). Whilst the racing is a bit more sterile, the sport as a whole is at least safer. There are still serious crashes but no F1 deaths since the terrible 1994 weekend when both Ratzenberger and Senna were killed at the San Marino GP, and they were the first fatalities since the two in the 1982 season when Gilles Villeneuve (Belgian GP) and Riccardo Paletti (Canadian GP) died. If you haven’t been, well worth going over to the Donnington Collection to see how the F1 cars developed over the years.
    You are also right that Hamilton is a complete knob.

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