Welcome to the Drunkbirder Broadcasting Corporation’s Springwatch 2011 website. Join Chris Packham, Martin Games-Hughes and Kate Humble as they take a look at the exciting events taking place with springs.

Chris, Martin and Kate

As usual we will be bringing you all the action from the world of springs but this year we want to to join in and send us your photos and videos of springs in your area. We have cameras at various locations and hope to bring you some of the best spring action around.

This year Springwatch has moved to the beautiful village of Haworth in Yorkshire to the Airedale Springs Ltd nature reserve. Set in the wonderful Worth Valley more famous for The Bronte Sister, the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and setting for the wonderful film The Railway Children starring Jenny Agutter and that toothy bird from Man About The House.

The reserve survived a massive fire in August 2010 which destroyed the historic mill. Thankfully this has not hindered the Springwatch filming.

Ebor Mill

The exciting news is that for the first time ever we have got cameras watching a family of clock springs. Cameras have been in place since February and we have these exclusive picture of the newly forged springs with the parents.

Clock Springs

As you can see female clock springs are much larger than the male and young clock springs are forged every two days. We’re not sure but we think this is a survival strategy. Older siblings have been known to eat the younger clock springs in lean years.

As is usual on Springwatch we will be following a family of Wire Springs.

Wire Springs

These wire springs are unusual in that the male is very bright in his breeding plumage, after breeding the male moults into a oil covered winter plumage which over the winter wears off to reveal the stunning reds. Females are more subdued and juveniles do not attain adult plumage until their 4th calendar year.

If you have any video of springs please post them on you tube and send me the link so we can make this the best Springwatch ever.


2 responses to “Springwatch

  1. Dick Jones

    Dear Spring watch. I hope I don’t upset too many of you nature lovers out there, but yesterday I found a nest full of Spring Rolls. The temptation was just too much and I took them home slaughtered them and ate the Fuckin’ lot !!! mmmSo Stick one of them up you arse Kate Humble !!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Dear Dick, We are hoping to set up a webcam at a local Chinese to film some Spring Rolls in their natural environment. I hope that helps. The Springwatch team.

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