It’s Not All Celine Dion…

Well, we’re off to B.C. in the morning so I thought a bit of Canadian music might be in order… and then it hit me just how little I know about Canadian bands. This selection then will be a little thin.

First up is a bit of Crash Test Dummies from back in 1993.

Next come those brilliant Canadian rockers Rush… the band that first brought me to Leicester way back in the early 80s to see them at the DeMontfort Hall.

For fans of Smashie and Nicey there’s always Bachmann Turner Overdrive. Name another song without googling it!

If you’re feeling suicidal the a bit of Leonard Cohen might not be for you…

I know The Band weren’t Canadian but you’ve got to take what you can and Robbie Robertson certainly was.

Finally and I reckon I saved the best to last… not too hard really but for me the best thing to come out of Canada is God, or Neil Young as he goes by here on Earth.


7 responses to “It’s Not All Celine Dion…

  1. Tim Allwood

    Great post John
    Have a good time…

    dunno if you’ve seen these but here are two more awesome Neil Young clips:

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Tim, I’ve seen loads of Neil Young stuff… I love You Tube!

  3. How can you post about Canadian bands and have nothing from Skinny Puppy and Frontline Assembly. Criminal.

    I see you timed your Canadian tour to coincide with the newly-wed parasites – I guess that was planned?

  4. thedrunkbirder

    To be fair Mark, I didn’t know they were from Canada and I’ll now have to listen to them!

  5. Without googling – Four Wheel Drive from the Album Four Wheel Drive. Which retropsectively is not very good. But it is a lot better than Four Wheel Drive (Low Ratio) by Jethro Tull which I consider a career nadir. A digression, I admit. All the same, BTO held some resonance as a young chap as they seemed to rock and had a familiar acronym 😉

  6. j lethbridge

    All of The Band were Canadian apart from the drummer, Levon Helm. They were superb in their day. No Joni Mitchell?

  7. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Jonathon. Leigh mentioned Joni Mitchell tonight. Plenty of others I missed.

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