Right after last nights awful gig at The Forum and once again very little sleep I thought it was tie to do a bit of blogging. Our first full day in Vancouver, 25 June 2011, started rather uninspiringly with rain… rain, rain, fucking rain.

After walking miles around Kitsilano and Granville Island in the rain we headed back to try and sleep… my body clock has no idea where it is at the minute. We woke to sunshine… a theme that continued into yesterday.

We decided on a short walk before going out for dinner at Yuji’s, a brilliant Sushi place on W4th Avenue and next door to Hells Kitchen for some excellent local Craft Beers. Red Racer IPA is currently top of my B.C. beer list.

Plenty of birds around Vanier Park, including this lovely White-crowned Sparrow.

White-crowned Sparrow

Northwestern Crow

Northwestern Crow fills the Corvid niche out here and is similar to American Crow on the interior… so similar that if Sibley hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t know!

Bush Tit fills the nice that our Long-tailed Tit does by going round in large noisy family groups and acting cute… if rather dull!

Bush Tit

By for the most common bird in the park and certainly the noisiest are the Red-winged Blackbird. These noisy comical buggers are everywhere and like the Great Tit back home, they make a real variety of calls. Watching them feed by lifting up the Lily Pads was brilliant.

Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird

It does seem talking to the locals they’ve had an awful wet, cold spring so it was nice to get some insects. We noted what was probably a Cabbage White and some sort of Swallowtail Butterfly as well as a couple of Odes.

These Pacific Foktairl are dead straightforward to ID.

Pacific Forktail

The mosaic Darners especially tenerals and females are much more difficult as there isn’t really a good ID guide unlike in Britain. Using my Cannings I reckon this is a young female California Darner based on small size and what I could make out of the thorax stripes.

California Darner

California Darner

For those of you into your Chilli Peppers here’s the inspiration for the title post.



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