All At Sea

We finally seem to have got our sleep patterns right so we were out and about at a reasonable hour yesterday and not 05.00! A breakfast at Paul’s Motor Inn to start us off and then a walk Downtown and in to Beacon Hill Park. Not too much to be seen but plenty of Chestnut-backed Chickadee and a couple of Brown Creeper. I need to check but I’m sure Brown Creeper is a World tick.

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper

There’s a Great Blue Heronry in Beacon Hill Park so for folk like the Urban Birder… it doesn’t get more Urban!

Great Blue Heron

Whale watching trip booked we headed back to base to get some extra layers and headed back to town. While we were waiting for the trip this pair of American Robin were obviously feeding young in the Empress Hotel gardens.

American Robin

American Robin

Also taking advantage of the gardens was this female Anna’s Hummingbird.

Anna's Hummingbird

I’ve mentioned the whales situation earlier but there were plenty of seabirds to be had on the trip but photography from a moving boat isn’t always easy.

Black Oystercatcher

Pigeon Guillemot

Rhinoceros Auklet

As I was photographing these groups of Harlequin Duck, I noticed this peep creep into view. Extreme left of the last shot.

Harlequin Duck

Harlequin Duck

Harlequin Duck

I decided rather than switch to bins to fire off a few more shots, they’re not great and these are heavily cropped. I think it’s Western Sandpiper but I’m more than happy to be proved wrong, well I won’t be happy as that photo would include two more World lifers.

Western Sandpiper

Western Sandpiper

We did manage to photograph one mammal on the trip, this Harbour Seal or Common Seal as we might say.

Harbour Seal


2 responses to “All At Sea

  1. Definitely Western Sand. No other peep has those arrowhead marks extending onto the flanks.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Thanks Andy. I was pretty sure especially with the underwing but it was a chance series of shots.

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