Shitehawk Down

After a steady drive from Pemberton we arrived in Kamloops mid-afternoon. We found our B&B after a while, it really was quite easy just the road was off the map.

Anyway we soon settled down in the lovely riverside garden by the Thompson River. Common Merganser (Goosander to you and me) and Black-billed Magpie were added to the tiny trip list, we’d added Western Tanager near Liloo’et.

After dinner we settled onto the deck outside the room, me to update the blog and Leigh to just take in the scenery. Not long after I’d put the laptop away we heard a quit-quit-quit sound and looked up not knowing what to expect. A falcon like shape cut through the twilight… Common Nighthawk – a World lifer.

I’d dipped one on Bryher a few years ago and it’s not a bird I’d twitch in the UK unless I was already on Scilly and there was one there. Too many stories of birders ticking dead birds or worse still piles of cow-shit. I had planned and still do plan to go out looking in the Sage Bush scrub near Osoyoos so last night was a real bonus treat.


2 responses to “Shitehawk Down

  1. Enjoying your trip report and photos… what camera / lens are you using ?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Cheers Roger. I use an now old Canon 40D and mostly a Canon 100-400 ISM Zoom. I also use a Sigma 150mm macro.

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