River Deep Mountain High

A quick catch up from a few days ago as we headed from Pemberton to Revelstoke via an overnight stay in Kamloops. The roads pass through some fantastic scenery with rushing rivers and creeks, wooded mountain sides and with a glacier or two thrown in for good measure.

At Roger Creek we finally caught up with Yellow-rumped Warbler as well as a few other good bits.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Field Crescent

At Cayous Canyon we found a stunning Western Tanager but the photos wouldn’t do it justice so I’m not wasting your time, make do with this Edith’s Checkerspot.

Edith's Checkerspot

On Wednesday morning I woke in Kamloops pretty early as the house shook underneath us as another massive Canadian Pacific freight train rolled by. I did some studies of American Crow which will feature in an ID masterclass later. A stunning pair of Bullock’s Oriole were around the garden, the male was more surprised by me I think and went shy… the female was a bit more of a tart but not quite so gaudy.

Bullock's Oriole


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