Rod The Mod(el Railroader)

A bit of a break from the norm today as we had a rest day in Nelson. This meant reviewing the Paddywhack IPA from the local Nelson Brewing Company and comparing t with Tree Brewing’s (from Kelowna) Hop Head IPA. Both dark amber IPAs and both nicely hopped. I think on hop bitterness Hop Head just nicks it.

Paddywhack IPA

Hop Head IPA

Anyway, enough of that. I also uploaded a couple of videos to You Tube as anyone who really knows me knows I like trains – uncool? Well maybe but fuck it chances are you’re reading this you’re a birder… equally uncool, so, fuck off. Having said that Rod Stewart is mad on trains too and is a big model railroader as they say over in North America.

He’s been featured in Model Railroader and is now more known for building HO scale hotels on tour rather than throwing TVs out of windows or shagging groupies… ok, I give in – it’s uncool.

Rod Stewart

Three Rivers City

Just to prove Rod was cool once…


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