Just Deserts

After our rest days in Nelson, we headed West along Highway 3, The Crowsnest Highway. Arriving in Osoyoos early we headed off the the Desert Centre. The Desert here is the Northern extension of the famous Sonoran Desert in the US. Indeed the border crossing into Washington State is at the Southern end of town.

Desert Centre copyright Google Earth

If you do visit Osoyoos, please support the Desert Centre as so much wilderness is now being turned over to fruit farming and vineyards here. By following the boardwalk some great wildlife is to be had, whilst round the Centre buildings there are Western Bluebird, Say’s Phoebe as well as Rufous, Black-chinned and Calliope Hummingbird.

Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird

Rufous Hummingbird

The Antelope Brush habitat is very important for so much, including the declining Behr’s Hairstreak, sadly, I didn’t manage a photo so please make do with this photo I found online.

Behr's Hairstreak courtesy Green Nature

Antelope Brush

Some of the flowers here are pretty lovely, no idea what this is…

The Dandelion clocks are also pretty impressive and are about as big as your hand.


Probably the most impressive butterfly around is the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail, these monsters are just fantastic but so lively.

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

One interesting thing we did see along the boardwalk that I didn’t see three years ago was this nest… a Black Widow Spider nest. Sadly no spider and the temptation to put a finger in the hole was resisted.

Black Widow Cave

So to finish a bit of Alice Cooper featuring the talents of Vincent Price and The Black Widow.


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