Dreich Beyond All Hope

Dreich is a fantastic Scots word that really sums up miserable, damp, drizzly, cold weather. Tuesday 14 July 2011 was definitely dreich! We banged on the clicks to our first destination, Princeton. Here we’d been given directions by Derek to a few sites. The first was a birder called Sue’s house for hopefully Evening Grosbeak. Finding Sue’s was difficult as we’d been given Tulameen Rd as an address… Tulameen Rd doesn’t exist. Frustrated we headed back in to town to see this stunning Mountain Bluebird pop up on a fence. I slammed on the breaks but the bird predictably flew. Luckily just about 30m behind us. It wouldn’t tolerate too close and approach so this is the best I could do.

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird

There were a couple of remote houses here and we also had Vesper Sparrow and an Evening Grosbeak that flushed up from the ground and into a pine… never to be seen again.

We couldn’t find Separation Lakes, maybe we just didn’t go far enough down the Old Hedley Road, I don’t know. As we didn’t need any of the targets now we headed back to try and find Sue’s.

This Northern Flicker was doing a passable Green Woodpecker impression by the roadside and Leigh managed a quick shot.

Northern Flicker

We did finally find Sue’s, she wasn’t in but her husband was happy for a couple of strangers sit on his back porch for a while to watch the feeders. He had the way of a non-birder living with a birder. Sadly as he predicted no Evening Grosbeak were coming down to the feeders.


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