Stanley Park

Western Grey Squirrel

We finally arrived back in Vancouver yesterday morning and I was glad to drop the car off… we’d covered some Kilometres I can tell you. After a freshen up in our suite in the Restellen Hotel we headed into Stanley Park where we first off spotted this Western Grey Squirrel quickly followed by this ‘Black’ Eastern Grey Squirrel. It’s not only Brits (and rich ones at that) who are reckless with introducing alien species, some bright spark released these Black Squirrels in to Stanley Park in around 1914.

Eastern Grey Squirrel

One species that should be in the Park are the delightful little Douglas Squirrel, these replace Western Red Squirrel around here but are just as endearing.

Douglas Squirrel

Other critters around the Park are the Raccoons, these guys are very tame and are a kind of Urban Fox – though I believe Coyote are now in Vancouver we weren’t lucky enough to see one.



Plenty of birds to be had in Stanley Park and I know one Urban Birder who’d have a field day here.

Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee

Great Blue Heron

Swainson's Thrush


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