Flights Of Fantasy

On our last morning in Vancouver I was up early and out to a very gloomy Stanley Park for a couple of hours. Any kind of photography in the wooded areas was no-go really due to very, very low shutter speeds.

I decided my best be was to practice a bit of flight photography. The Barn Swallow were all hawking low over the water and with an ISO800 level, shutter speeds were okayish. That said, I should really have been practising my flight photography on bigger slower subjects in better light at home rather than thinking going out wasn’t worth it. Note to self – practice, practice, practice!

Some people may baulk at my use of Barn Swallow, now at home I’d wince myself at the use of it but in North America the Swallow is clearly distinct and readily identifiable. Some confusion with ‘Egyptian’ Swallow could be made but I for one will be paying closer attention to the Swallows I see on Scilly this year as finding one in Britain or Ireland has to be a good bet.

Anyroad, here are some very poor, heavily cropped shots – I look on this as a learning process in so many ways.

Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

A welcome distraction was this Song Sparrow belting out his song… they are so tame and one of the few birds West of The Rockies that respond to pishing.

Song Sparrow


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