Where Have All The Dragonflies Gone

I know that since we got back from Canada the weather hasn’t been great but when the Sun comes out so should the Dragonflies. In Leicestershire there seem to be very few species on the wing. All I’ve seen this morning were a few Brown Hawker and two Black-tailed Skimmer.

Over the past few weeks in addition to them, I’ve seen a few Azure Damselflies and that’s it. Has anyone else noticed such a lack of Odes?


10 responses to “Where Have All The Dragonflies Gone

  1. I was at RW on Thursday and also noticed very few dragonflies about, despite it being a warm sunny day. Don’t know why that should be – although it’s been fairly cool recently new adults usually emerge as soon as the temperature rises.

  2. Yes, only two Common Blue Damsels on a walk on the fells today, where I would have expected Golden-ringed and Black Darter etc.

  3. Jez Taylor

    4 hours at a sunny Cossington Meadows this morning and just 3 Brown Hawkers

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Migrant Hawker in Quorn this afternoon.

  5. thedrunkbirder

    Jez, we must have passed each other today at Cosso. I was wearing the blue adidas top and grey shorts. I remember speaking to a couple of birders.

  6. Darren Porter

    I just googled the same question more or less. Not familiar with different species but noticed a distinct lack of all and any dragonfly this summer.

  7. thedrunkbirder

    Where are you based Darren? I’ve seen a few more Migrant Hawkers in the past day or two but numbers are still low. Hopefully this heatwave will bring them out.

  8. Jez Taylor

    John, I didn’t notice you. Have met a few times at Cosso and at WMP North and Kinchley Lane over the last couple of years or so. I’ll identify myself next time I see you.

  9. Jez Taylor

    Was at Wicken on Sunday, BDS chap says numbers are well down everywhere this year. Did see a lot of Brown Hawkers, 3 Emperors & a Ruddy Darter.

  10. thedrunkbirder

    Cheers Jez. I meet so many people and I like to put names to faces.

    Hopefully Dragon numbers will recover next season. I’m tempted to plan a big Dragonfly year. Hopefully I won’t be out of the Country at the peak period next year.

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