In a few minutes break today from sweating profusely and working (not really linked unless getting into a very hot car after a visit counts) I dropped in to Evington Park to see if there was anything about. When the Llama lived just outside the park a few years ago it pulled in a Pied Flycatcher and a Yellow-browed Warbler. Personally I think given it’s position as something of a high spot regular coverage would reveal a lot more good stuff.

Anyway, back to today. Nothing like the dizzying heights of finding a Pied Fly but a Spotted Flycatcher kept the City list ticking over nicely…

Evington Park Map courtesy Leicester City Council


3 responses to “Spotted

  1. Nice to know the Spot Flys are still there – they bred just behind my house the first year we lived in Cordery Road, but after that I only saw odd ones in the autumn. In addition to the Yellow-browed and Pied Fly I also had Lesser Spot in the trees behind the house on three or four occasions in the three years we lived there. I always fancied that line of trees by the tennis courts for Leicestershire’s first Pallas’s.

    Oh yes, and there’s a ‘one that got away’ story from those same trees as well – I’m 99% certain I heard a Greenish Warbler calling one autumn (in a year when there were a lot on the east coast), but unfortunately didn’t manage to pin it down…..

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Andy, no evidence the Spot Flys have nested anywhere in the City this year… heard nothing from the New Walk site. Lesser Spot used to be regular when I first came to Leicester and lived over the way in Hospital Close. I think if any park is worth someone putting the hours in it’s Evington Park, small enough with a variety of habitats.

  3. Another Yellow-browed Warbler is a good bet then. Russell Carter has found two in the last five years in the same park in Burnley. Easy to decide when to put in the effort. Wait for an influx on the east coast then next day… If only we knew the true numbers of birds like this passing through the UK.

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