Convicted Twitchers Sent On Foreign Holidays

by a Drunkbirder staff writer

The Drunkbirder has today learned that convicted twitchers are being sent to Malta to learn to shoot birds out of the skies indiscriminately. The programme run by Club Malta aims to teach birds and birders respect for birds by blasting them out of the sky.

Birders at Camp Malta

Tony Bastardo from the Maltese Hunters set up the camps this year as a way of helping rehabilitating the more manic twitcher. ‘We only managed to shoot 1842 Turtle Dove this year’ said Mr Bastardo. ‘The Maltese government reduced our quota to 9000 Turtle Dove and we were nowhere near that. That meant 1000s more Turtle Doves were available for avid year-listers in Birtain. Sending twitchers here to shoot them ought to redress that balance and allow us to meet quotas.’

Turtle Dove

Mr Bastardo claims the camps are far from holidays. ‘Birders are up before dawn and don’t get to bed until at least midnight if we discover a raptor roost’ he said. ‘It’s tough, slaughtering birds is no picnic.’

Marsh Harrier

Speaking elsewhere in today’s Drunkbirder, Richard Littlecock said ‘birding’s going to hell in a handcart!’

The shooting camps will run each Spring and Autumn and the Government has signed a three year deal with Club Malta.


2 responses to “Convicted Twitchers Sent On Foreign Holidays

  1. Marsh Harrier? I think some twitchers need to be sent to a ‘basic bird ID ‘ camp…..

  2. I was just about to write something similar to your comment Mr Mackay, but it seems you’ve beaten me to it by about a day and a half…

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