Red-necked Phallus On A Rope

Late afternoon Leigh and I decided to head over to Rutty for the Red-necked Phalarope as Leigh had never seen one.

As we arrived The Beast and The Big Un were just heading up to Lagoon IV and we blagged a lift. The Llama was in the process of getting a lift back and confirmed it was showing well… bloody thing had flown further away as we arrived and stayed bloody distant for the next hour or so.

We decided to stop off for a swift pint at Grant’s Free House in Burrough on the Hill. A good pint of Parish Farm Gold in a lovely pub… shame it was occupied by the fucking horsey set. What a bunch of cocks! Especially Mr Dressage…


One response to “Red-necked Phallus On A Rope

  1. Probably some of the same bunch of cocks I saw hunting through Burrough Hill Country Park one day last year. It’s that sort of area unfortunately.

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