You Can’t Make This Shit Up…

I spent yesterday trying to work out some witty skit on these two articles from The Times of Malta. After a lot of thinking I felt I could not do these articles justice so please have a read and make up your own minds on illegal hunting in Malta.




One response to “You Can’t Make This Shit Up…

  1. How depressed to you think these blokes would be when there was nothing left to kill…?

    I guess this just goes to show how desperate FKNK is…stooping to court sympathy with the public…[not that i think anyone would take their claims too seriously]! Seems to me that all the hunters need psychiatric treatment if they think that blasting little birdies into oblivion is normal…[but of course ‘it is’ normal for them]. Do the FKNK realize how dumb that story sounds.? Some hunter guys in Malta lying awake at night worrying themselves into depression over the amount of turtle doves they can strangle in order to be happy…
    And, if we should believe the claims, what sort of therapy do you suppose the unhappy hunters are receiving in hospital…?
    I imagine that they might be sitting up in their beds with loaded shotguns waiting for a nurse to bring in a honey buzzard or two which they can blast the bollox off….”AAhhh…doesn’t that feel better”….?

    “Yes…thank you nurse…all we need now is a few sparrows to chew the heads off and then we will be on the road to making a full recovery to normality”…

    ps….having said all that…i would not wish anyone to be suffering from psychiatric disorders…[but we are all birders so we all be fucked in the head anyway]….ha…!

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