The Big Year

I wonder if this will do anything for birding and the image of birders? Problem is the book was excellent but looking at the trailer I’m not so sure the film is going to match up.

The line-up is pretty mixed, on their day Jack Black and Steve Martin are fantastic comic actors but Owen Wilson, really? He’s clearly only there in the vain hope a few women will go along…

I reckon this is going to be more like finding a Black Duck when you’re searching for that Blackburnian Warbler on Scilly…


4 responses to “The Big Year

  1. What it will do for the image of birding is to reinforce the usual lazy media stereotypes that ALL birders are competitive twitchers like Lee Evans and his ilk (actually I’m not sure Evans has an ilk – he’s a one-off, fortunately).

    Also, I CAN’T STAND Jack Black and his constant ‘manicness’, so I shan’t be going to see this. I might watch it when it comes on TV, so I a) don’t have to pay for it and b) have an off button to reach for if necessary.

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Owen Wilson – who’s he?

  2. I take it that you’ve never watched Zoolander then Andy….? [if you don’t know who Owen Wilson is]….which was/is…an extremely funny film…[one of Ben Stillers best]….

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Owen Wilson is a waste of air quite frankly…

  4. Owen Wilson is in it to make Steve Martin’s nose look normal.
    Steve Martin is in it to make playing Banjo seem slightly less wanky than other pursuits (like birding).
    Jack Black is in it cause his last film was shit and he needs the money.
    Looks like a crock to me.

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