Sharp Pain In The Arse

Another mega, another miss. I can’t say dip this time as I couldn’t twitch on the Friday but I was hopeful the bird would stay for the weekend as I would be passing by the site on Saturday and Sunday. The bird? The Sharp-tailed Sandpiper on the Tidal Pool at Greetham Creek.

I’ve a bit of history with Sharp-tailed Sandpiper as Brian Moore and I twitched one at Dinas Dinlle in Caernarfonshire on 30 August 1996. Check your reports and you’ll soon see that bird was present 25 to 28 August, so, why did we go? Well both of us were working and some joker (stringer) reported the bird was still there on the 29th. A local informed us the stringer (joker) had rung in news having watched a Dunlin… nice no-one phoned out an update. Never mind, I still managed a lifer in the shape of Chough at South Stack RSPB Reserve.

Checking the new Birdguides iPhone app regularly on the way up there was only this message.

Birdguides iPhone app

Bugger, arse, fuck…

Not to worry, it’ll get refound later… did it hell!



7 responses to “Sharp Pain In The Arse

  1. You ticked Chough in 95 and had the cheek to mock my Great Shearwater 😉

  2. Or 96 even – I really must start wearing my ‘readers’

  3. thedrunkbirder

    I did Mark but in all fairness, I only started ‘listing’ in late 92 when I realised there were other sad bastards like me… well in a lot of cases even sadder. Without a car getting to South Stack was tricky.

    As for Great Shearwater, along with Ortolan Bunting they were my two last non BBRC rarities and as it turned out I ticked them on the same day, I had gone seawatching off Penninis on Scilly the day after a few Greats had been seen off a pelagic. Nothing doing for three hours so I started off to see the Ortolan that had been found in the fields along Penninis, as I got to the gate a Great Shearwater was called. I ran back and in the next hour I personally logged 19 of them. A while later I walked down the lane and ticked off the Ortolan, only to add another later that day on Bryher I think.

  4. Tarts the pair of you!!;-)

  5. thedrunkbirder

    Dave, there’s a saying that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

    I have one species to mention: White-tailed Eagle!

  6. Yes Dave shut the fuck up – even my daughter’s seen 4 White-tailed Eagles 🙂

  7. I think there’s a business opportunity for you there Mark – ‘Reeder’s Readers’ – reading glasses in the shape of pies. You could go on Dragon’s Den with it.

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