The Drunkbirder would love to give everyone who successfully twitched the Greater Yellowlegs in Cornwall a huge pat on the back… but I fucking can’t. All you’ve done is driven xxx number of miles. If you’d found the bird I’d be more charitable, if you’d made an effort yesterday and relocated the bird that’s fair enough too. All you fuckers who just stood around and waited – that’s just bollocks. I am so fucking bored of all this self-fucking-congratulatory bullshit…


6 responses to “Congratulations!

  1. Oh come off it John it’s only a couple of months ago that you posted and the seemingly obligatory OMFL (on Facebook). People in glass houses etc.

    Anyway congratulations to all you Greater Yellow-leg tickers – every last low listing mother fucking one of yer 😉

  2. Although I agree entirely that twitching certainly doesn’t constitute any kind of ‘achievement’, if that’s the case why do you proudly display your British list total on here? For a good proportion of those 444 species you must have simply driven xxx miles and then stood around and waited for the bird?!

    Cue comment from John saying ‘fuck off both of you’….

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Fair comment really…

    But seriously, fuck off you two. It’s not really the miles but the congratulating for seeing something someone else found. It’s like being congratulated for having eyes and being able to pair them up with binoculars or a telescope…

  4. Don’t get too stressed about Greater ‘legs, save your energy and money for something much rarer. Must be a good chance of a giga rare this autumn…

  5. ….and who could forget this 😉

    And what’s with the bloody pie themes of late? If you’re not careful I will challenge you to a bake off !!

  6. That sounds like a great alternative lecture at next year’s birdfair a kind of Heston vs Ramsey bake off, I’m in if the tickets are less than £2!

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