Up early this morning for a spot of vismigging from the Mammoth. The weather was not quit as predicted with the wind pretty brisk and coming from the Southeast. It was pretty murky too with a bit of drizzle and the odd rumble of thunder later on. A good day for a Tree Pipit then? Indeed at about 07.10 the first four Pipits bounded through with the distinct rasping speez call coming from one of them, the other three being Mipits. It’s something the Llama first brought to my attention, Tree Pipits tend to move in shittier conditions.

Bird of the morning though was definitely Swallow with 197 passing in one and a half hours. The largest flock was 62 just as I was packing up. I wonder how many more might have gone through later? There were a few moving mid afternoon and a quick stop at Deans Lane at lunchtime and a chat with Andy Forrayan revealed a pretty steady passage there but with House Martin being more numerous. Looking at Trektellen it does seem that hirudines were certainly on the move today.

A return visit to Watermead this afternoon revealed a very brief (though I don’t know how long it was there before I found it) adult Little Gull. Dave Gray later report another 4 Arctic Tern so a few seabirds are clearly on the move.

The most ‘interesting’ bird of the day though was a flava Wagtail that gave a bit of a raspy call… Grey-headed maybe?


5 responses to “Swallow

  1. A wagtail with a raspy call eh? Have you ever heard Citrine call?…..

  2. thedrunkbirder

    To be honest I haven’t Andy. It sounded like a flava but with that ‘Eastern’ quality. I have heard the call of probable Eastern Yellow Wagtail but it wasn’t quite that…

    Just listened to The Calls of Eastern Vagrants. Not Citrine but similar to Black-headed. Somewhere between flava and feldegg I’d say.

  3. I probably find vis-migging about as exciting as you find seawatching John! Like seawatching it also has more than its fair share of stringers, dubious fly-overs, badly heard calls etc etc…

  4. thedrunkbirder

    What are you trying to say Mark? I’m claiming nothing but merely making an observation! 😉

  5. No no no not a direct dig at you John.

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