Sick Day?

Like most of Britain’s hardcore kid listers I’ve spent an uncomfortable, sleepless night. On more than one occasion I have lay awake thinking of Northern Waterthrush on Scilly. Well thankfully, I don’t need Black and White Warbler or Solitary Sandpipier.

I’m also considering taking a sick day. I’m not sat at Penzance Heliport, Lands End or Newquay Airport though… no I’m at home coughing, sniffling and feeling like I’ve a head made from Cotton Wool. In short, I’ve got a stinking cold or ‘man flu’ as it’s often called and I feel fucking rough!

Scientists also believe that men DO suffer colds that are worse that those suffered by women and we suffer for longer!


4 responses to “Sick Day?

  1. You big fucking jess and/or tart !

  2. You big fucking jess / tart !

  3. What happened to my comment calling you a big fucking jessie and a tart?!

  4. thedrunkbirder

    For some reason WordPress thought you were a spammer… probably not wrong!

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