Qualitative Easing

If anyone ever wondered about the sanity of Britain’s favourite George Michael tribute act then you need to read LRGE’s latest missive on the demise of birding on Scilly.

Lee is well known for his neologisms and here we get a classic mixed with some of his quasi-scientific, or is it quasi-mathematical formulaic, thoughts. Anyone want to pick the bones out of this gem? Incredibly, the following year saw a slump to about 700 people and in the following years in the noughties a dramatic fall. Since about 2008, there have been little more than 350 individuals visit between the end of August and first week of November – perhaps just 20% of these being old-timers or suitably qualified to locate rarities (compare this to about an average of 3,000 birders per October in the 1980’s and 1990’s and 65% qualititve observers)

Any ideas? No me neither. Maybe it’s all the Tories fault, maybe they should have persisted with the Qualitative Easing programme to release more seasoned rarity finders onto Scilly rather than allowing bumbling cunts like me to crash around in the hope of blundering in to a Blackburnian Warbler.

What is worst though or should that be worse, Lee always confuses me, is the total lack of written skills he exhibits. I know Lee is soon going to bombard me with his hilarious emails but fuck it, as I have told him before, if you will insist on writing shit – I won’t stop taking the piss. Lee you’ve trampsed over my beloved English language just too many times…


10 responses to “Qualitative Easing

  1. Howard Broughton

    Shouldn’t that be trampled?

  2. If he means that 65% of the birders on Scilly in the 80s and 90s were ‘qualified to locate rarities’ then that’s bollocks as well, as it was never as high as that. Well, maybe in the 70s and early 80s before it really took off as a twitching holiday destination. Even in 1990 when I first started going, at least 75% were just CB toting dullards, either trudging endlessly from bird to bird or waiting in their flats/the pub for the next big one.

  3. Just read the rest of it – I must be an intrepid then, as I ‘prefer the tranquility of Shetland’. Must say I’ve never thought of it like that – it’s just a hell of a lot easier to find birds in Shetland compared to Scilly.

    And another thing – ‘if you do find a restaurant willing to serve you’? What the fuck’s that all about? Or maybe they just won’t serve him. Perhaps it’s because nowhere on Scilly sells the ‘special food’ that he has to eat…..

  4. Not sure what Lee meant about ‘the restaurant willing to serve’..?..but then again i haven’t been to the Scillies for yonks so fucked if i know what policies certain establishments may have re. feeding a hungry unkempt birder.
    Bottom line for the Scillies, for many people, is that its far too expensive these days in the current financial climate and there are, or seem to be, far fewer rarity’s knocking about to make a holiday there viable. Some nice stuff at the moment tho for those present…

    ps…me and the lads were discussing the other day about what rarity it would take for us to twitch the Scillies again. It would have to be fuckin mind-blowing and not just something like a black throated green warbler of which we’ve seen millions of in the States…

    pps…please forgive me shit English…i don’t give a toss…[chuckle]…!

  5. thedrunkbirder

    Yes Howard. But that doesn’t stop Lee making up new words.

  6. Lee – get a fucking thesaurus.

  7. “The magic of Scilly has gone and its attraction to the UK’s twitchers in this internet age of instant news dissemination has killed its appeal for most.”

    eh? WTF does that mean?

    The Scillies have lost their magic and appeal for most, because of UK twitchers being attracted to them in this age of instant news dissemination?

    Either way, ironically and illiterately written by one of the people LRGEly responsible for the evolution of birding news dissemination in the first place, and the owner of the bird news dissemination blog he wrote this on.

    Just as well I can’t be arsed to go anymore if there are only shit undernourished birders there, otherwise I’d spend a lot of money seeing fuck all 😉 Only tick there for me in the last week was an Ortolan Bunting (what a fucking tart!).

  8. Hooded Birder

    One of his posts about Storks being shot in Malta was titled, “storks mercifully shot” or something similar…..did I even get an email of thanks when i kindly pointed out his post title should have read “mercilessly”? No, no i did not. But the blog title changed rapidly

  9. if you see anything like that again Andy, please leave it for the rest of us to enjoy! You know now that you won’t get any thanks from him anyway, so why bother correcting him?

  10. Amen to that!

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