Owl Around My Hat

In the midsts of my man-flu, Paul Riddle contacted me to say he was off this week if I wanted to do a bit of Little Owl photography. We arranged to meet at Paul’s this morning at 07.00 for him to take me to his prime site. As I had to get to work after I agreed to follow Paul, so once he’d blindfolded me I followed his Landrover to his secret site in South Leicestershire.

The sun was coming up lovely and the four juvenile Owls performed brilliantly. They were not bothered one bit, mind you Paul’s Landrover doubles as a brilliant mobile hide.

Here are a few of the 1000+ images I took –  filled a 4Gb card in just over an hour!

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl

Little Owl


7 responses to “Owl Around My Hat

  1. Some stunning images John, you absolutely “caught the mood” of the morning. The last but one image has the wow factor for me, mind you I don’t envy the processing of over a 1,000 images, thats the crap bit!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    How did you do? Leigh wants to come along with you next.

  3. Nice images mate.

  4. After you had gone I tried to recreate an image like yours with the “brown background”…….no luck! So I went again yesterday (friday) and got one, and a pair too, the trouble was it was too late in the day and the light was behind the owls!

    No problems with Leigh coming along, fingers crossed they hang around?

  5. That must have been a fantastic experience watching those Owls
    Some nice photos John, I’m very envious
    Also …. I hope Mr Riddle keeps up his outstanding work with the Owls.

  6. Yes love the one with the brown bg. Great shots. Are they local birds ?

  7. thedrunkbirder

    They are Dick. Paul’s your man for the info though.

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