Finding Cranes

Unlike most low-listers who dashed off to Aberdeenshire for the Sandhill Crane at the Loch of Strathbeg, oh ok, I didn’t go to Orkney last year and I still baulk at twitching that distance plus we’d a weekend booked in York, I decided to go out and find my own Crane.

Close to where we were staying, at Pavilion Cottages, were the Ouse Ings in York – perfect Crane habitat and it wasn’t too long before I spotted a distant Crane. It was always distant and would not tolerate a close approach so I had to grab this shot on my iPhone.

Crane sp.

A little later in the City of York we’d wandered through the very busy food festival and stumbled across Three Cranes at the bottom of the square. Result.

Three Cranes

Tempted to get closer we ventured inside where I at least had a taste of Scotland with a pint of Inveralmond’s Ossian. Nice pint!


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