Archipelago Bingo

While away all those boring hours waiting for a Radde’s Warbler to show on Scilly by downloading the new archipelago app from iTunes or Android Market and surf the UK4/500ths Club blog for the word, archipelago.

It’ll keep you amused for hours at Motorway services as you await a lift from a mad twitcher who spends more time re-writing history than picking you up as arranged.

Only £0.69 so it’s great value for money. Coming soon from LRGEgo Enterprises the Irish Anglicisation app and the new neologisms app.


2 responses to “Archipelago Bingo

  1. Also coming soon, the Exaggerate-o-matic app, which converts your genuine British List into an IQ40 Club total, the Crowd Counter app, which tells you how many people have seen any given bird without you actually having to be present (or how many observers are currently ‘scouring Shetland’ – with a fucking Brillo pad), and the revolutionary Language-mangler app for generating blog content from the week’s bird news.

  2. Do any of those come bundled with the new Frankly Ridiculous Over The Top And Garrulous Exaggeration (FROTTAGE) app, which instantly provides you with a non-sensical simile involving random celebrities with which you can describe yourself and rub people up the wrong way?

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