Some Vismigging Notes

I just spent a few minutes catching up on the emails at the Yahoo Vismig Group. A few interesting things jumped out at me too. I noted a good passage of Buzzard on Tuesday (27/9/11) with nine heading SW along with three Sparrowhawk and two Peregrine… no surprises then that the boys at Oxenhope, outside Keighley also had a good passage of Buzzard and a few other raptors. Sadly there were no Honey Buzzards moving through, or Sandhill Cranes for that matter…

Also noted past the Mammoth were two Red Admiral butterflies heading purposefully South… no shocks then to see other vismiggers reporting a steady passage. Even on the most unlikely of days there’s usually something to note and rather than avoid ‘nice’ sunny days we need to think raptor or butterfly and adjust our times maybe?

Yesterday morning I arrived before sunrise and soon noted large numbers of Black-headed Gull heading South (81 in all) for about 10 minutes. Probably only local roosting birds heading for feeding areas locally but interesting all the same. A taste of things to come were a couple of Reed Bunting and a flock of 6 Mistle Thrush. Now where is that shitty weather?


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