A Case Of Thrush

Up at about 05.00 after a disturbed night with PMT… pre-mega tension. Neil and I headed out and were at Higgo’s Pool by 06.25. No sign of the Northern Waterthrush by 08.30 so we headed off to the ISBG Hide at Lower Moors. We’d hardly opened the hide flaps when Jim Lawrence text then John Judge rang to say the bird had reappeared.

A quick dash (for me) back and I was looking at my first Northern Waterthrush… a World tick! Cracking bird – shit photo!

Northern Waterthrush

We had a good 10 mins on the bird before it flew out of view.

After breakfast we headed out to the Garrison where Leigh met Lee! Evans was ribbed about his photo but seemed to take it in good fun.

Back up to Maypole for another bash at the Upland Sandpiper but this time with the DSLR.

Upland Sandpiper


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