Uncle Arthur!

Had a good morning round the Garrison today with Leigh and Ken Roberts. Picked up the Yellow-browed Warbler and managed to get a fly-by male Ring Ouzel as well as two Turtle Dove. Problem was the weather whilst being good for migrants turning up was shit for seein and photographing birds.

Things did clear and after lunch at Juliet’s Garden, Leigh and I headed on to the Golf Course to chase down this ‘difficult’ Red-throated Pipit… not sure why too many are having trouble with but then I heard a number of people saw the Subalpine Whitethroat on the Garrison Pines Walk. I rest my case I guess.

I tried hunting down an elusive Tom McKinney, who was last seen by the dump – apparently, down at Lower Moors. Tom wasn’t on view from the ISBG Hide but the Wilson’s Snipe was showing with a pair of Common Snipe.

Common Snipe

Wilson's Snipe

Wilson's Snipe

Wilson's Snipe with Common Snipe


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