Radio Ga Ga

All we hear is radio ga ga – radio blah blah

Midland GXT600

Well to be truthful – no we don’t. On the Scillies everyone who turns up now, pretty much, has a two-way radio and bloody useful they are too for getting news out quickly and efficiently. Of course in the old days it was CB but they were heavy and pretty unreliable and to be honest – just a bit naughty. It also required people like Dick Filby and John ‘Radar’ Judge lugging round kit a US Marine would be proud of.

Once we get back on the mainland though the radios seem to be packed away and forgotten about until next year. Well certainly Dave Gray and I keep ours in the car and on occasion we use them, you can cover more area and keep in touch. We’ve used them on Shetland too and bugger me if they aren’t useful, probably more useful there than anywhere else.

Outside of this the regulars on Spurn have radios (you have to be a friend of Spurn to get one) and again they are invaluable… if a little on the pricey side. Also the regulars around the Broomhill/Wath Ings area used CB in the past to good effect.

So why is it we pack the radios away and why does no-one ever take them on a twitch? Take the Rufous-tailed Robin twitch, sorry to rake up bad memories – I wasn’t there, but surely to cover more ground trying to re-find the bird the radios would be ideal. If it was re-found no need to shout and marshalling the twitch should, in theory, be easier. Whether there’s a twitch on or not in somewhere like North Norfolk where mobile phone signal can be patchy – radios have to be the future? What do you think?

Radio, someone still loves you…


4 responses to “Radio Ga Ga

  1. I got a couple for birding in Shetland, John – and they’ll be staying in the regular birding kit for down south, too. If you’re trying to relocate something that’s disappeared, or just searching a coastal patch for migrants, it makes sense to split up and keep in touch…

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Spread the word Dave!

  3. Jim Goodacre

    When we were in Mexico a couple of years ago. Many kids had mobile phones with radios built in.

  4. No idea how you cope with the radio on Scilly, John. So much bollox constantly being broadcast, so many unintelligible messages, and just so much fucking noise! Tom

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