Rubythroat For Sale

The Drunkbirder has today learned of a sale of Siberian Rubythroat in the car park at the RSPB’s Sumburgh Head reserve. An undercover birder Tin Tray, was offered a Rubythroat for £5 from a dodgy bloke trading from the back of an old Vauxhall Corsa. Mr Tray bought one of the birds with the intention of showing it to an RSPB inspector at the Lerwick Bird Fanciers Society meeting on Wednesday night.

A Siberian Rubythroat

Sadly as Mr Tray was driving to Lerwick on Wednesday afternoon he suffered a flat tyre on the A970 near Gulberwick. As he got out to open his boot the catch on the cage had worked loose and his prize Rubythroat escaped and vanished into the only well vegetated garden for miles around. ‘I was gutted’ said Tin Tray ‘especially as the rare Pechora Pipit I’d paid a tenner for got out as well.’

Barry Gagwell speaking for the British Bird Spotters club said in a statement ‘this careless and reckless behaviour has cost me £1137.38 plus plenty of brownie points. I’m gutted!’

Meanwhile Mr Tray who has shares in Flybe and Northlink ferries was said to be happy as the rise in profits had more than offset his £15 loss plus the cost of a puncture repair. ‘I’m well chuffed’ he said.

Well known Shetland birder Duncan Prestwich has just sent in this footage he took at the Sumburgh Head car park on Wednesday.


3 responses to “Rubythroat For Sale

  1. Jim Dunkley

    You must have been drunk when you wrote this! Ha ha!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I wish Jim! I also wish I was ticking the bloody Rubythroat as well…

  3. Some mates left this morning 6 a.m to drive to Aberdeen boat to Lerwick etc back Tues – had a spare place but I could not manage it with other ‘duties’! Perhaps best thing it would have wrecked me if I had dipped after all that. Hope it’s there for them in the morning!!

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