British Birds

If any reader of this blog is unaware that British Birds has updated their website you really should check it out now. Simply registering with the website will give you access to 99 years of BB… all the articles, on PDF and on-line. Fully searchable.


I’ve yet to test it on my iPhone but it seems to me what the iPad or other tablet was made for…

Current subscribers to BB can get ALL the articles up to 2010 on-line too when you register with your subscriber number. Fantastic. My only beef – I bought the BBi DVD version at a not insignificant price a few years back and now feel a bit let down.


4 responses to “British Birds

  1. Blimey – might as well put all my old BBs out for recycling then!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I gave all mine up to and including Vol. 99 to Dave Mack. Pulled up an article on Yellow-legged Gull ID from 1997 on the iPhone and it’s definitely usable. Would be perfect on an iPad.

  3. Chucked a load o mine in the trash this morning Andy…! I now have space for a new fridge freezer…

    Haven’t subscribed to BB for a while but i was recently seduced by their first…i think 6 issues?…for 12quid offer…[i shall continue to subscribe after that]. Apparently only subscribers can get the recent years info off the BB site…..

  4. Brilliant! I can download them as well, making my life-long non-purchase of BB even more valuable ……

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