There’ll Be A Welcome In The Hillsides

Fuelled up on optimism and McDonalds coffee, Leigh and I trekked down the Motorway and across the Heads Of The Valleys road to arrive in Wernffrwd on the Gower. My last two visits to this part of Wales have resulted in huge dips… one was the, let’s be fair, laughable claim of Little Blue Heron and the other was Gyrfalcon. Today I had tried to put out of my mind the fact that one or two weather forecasts had showed clear skies over parts of South Wales for an hour or so after dark last night.

Two birders were coming off the saltmarsh as we arrived and they weren’t smiling. I almost daren’t ask if the Isabelline Wheatear was still there… it wasn’t. Surely they’d overlooked it, no it had gone… gone! Gone! Gone! Nooooooooooooo!

The Hump!

More Hump!

Giving up we headed to Kenfig NNR. I’ve not been here for years but I was worried that after the two hard winters breeding success might have been poor… we were pleased to see that our fears were unfounded as Dogs Eggs were laid everywhere just like last time. Marvellous!

Gingerly picking away to the pool we had views of two Bittern. Not the World’s greatest shots.



Just to cheer me up I thought a bit of Welsh music was in order.


3 responses to “There’ll Be A Welcome In The Hillsides

  1. How did the sheep-dogging go?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    It were all ‘orses an’ ponies!

  3. Unlucky mate! hahaha…

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