It’s Worse Than Barnsley…

The Magic Roundabout

Was how Buxton The Blue Cat described the moon in the classic Dougal and The Blue Cat, the full length feature film from Serge Danot about the Magic Roundabout.

Leigh and I watched this classic last night but this bit of the extras wouldn’t play.


2 responses to “It’s Worse Than Barnsley…

  1. ‘He speaks the truth, the lovely lad…’ Can recite English version word for word and am now very much into the French. Lacks the wit and charm of Thomson but a delight in itself. Amusingly, Pollux (Dougal) has very pronounced English accent. ‘What, what, what!?’

  2. thedrunkbirder

    We’ve not watched it in t’ French. Good to see you’re still dropping by. It was good to see Jim the other week, would have been good to see you too.

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