He’s Got Legs

An early start – one day Dave might arrive on time – and a long drive North to Hauxley for the Greater Yellowlegs. Regular updates from Alan Tilmouth kept us informed of the birds whereabouts and we were soon arriving at Eric’s Hide at Hauxley after arriving on site. Dave Hutton and his mate Andy were already there and unable to grip us off as the Yellowshank  headed our way.

Greater Yellowlegs

Looked the business but I wanted to see some Yellowleg…

Greater Yellowlegs

That’s better! Shortly after a Sparrowhawk flushed the waders, as it flew it was easy to see just how plain the upperparts and wings appeared and the stunning white rump and barred tail. It also called it’s deew deew deew call as it flushed – a call I’d heard back in Canada in July.

A quick call in at a Goose flock at High Hauxley gave us at least 80 European White-fronted Geese as well as a mobile Snow Bunting and a flock of 30 or so Twite… time to head further North.




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