ePetitions: Worth The Cyberspace They Inhabit?

I regularly fill in ePetitions on subjects I’m concerned about but there are a lot of them out there and most are frankly stupid, as stupid as the people creating and signing them. They are also in danger of bringing the whole idea into disrepute.

There are some good ideas though and with only 100 000 names we can get ideas discussed in Parliament. One such idea, one I’ve advocated for years and which has now been taken up by the Scottish Parliament is a vicarious liability law that makes landowners responsible for illegal persecution, especially of birds of prey.

Now I know some people arrived here by searching for Snake porn or even more depraved, Moth porn; but I assume most readers are birders. So if you are, please sign this and at least get the landed gentry that is the Tory party debating the issue where they can be held to account. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/23089


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