Turning Japanese

This week, I have mostly been listening to (early) Japan. At school I always used to have to hide the fact that I liked Japan from my mates… they were mostly rockers (as was I, though I had more interesting musical tastes… I think) and pretty short-sighted musically. Owning up to listening to Japan was frowned upon.

The first two albums… both brilliant, never really troubled the charts which is something of a shame as they contain some cracking songs.

In those early days, Japan owed a lot to bands like The New York Dolls and it really shows in that last video.

Quiet Life was the album that really broke Japan through in the UK and a single that was released around that time (but not on the album) Life In Tokyo was – I think – the only song with any reference to Japan in their catalogue…




3 responses to “Turning Japanese

  1. Yes, more songs with Chinese, African and European references (Communist China, Visions of China, Cantonese Boy, Canton, Taking Islands in Africa, Rhodesia, Suburban Berlin, European Son) and of course A Foreign Place.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    And all fucking excellent! Being as you buggered off the Zummerzet today I won’t be able to play you a BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert from about ’82 on Saturday… I could share the mp3 file though…

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