Dial M For Murmur

After the Lakes we headed off to the Avalon Marshes for a nice coffee and some cracking cakes – oh – and to watch the Starling roost. The roost site varies and if you’re thinking of going there’s an RSPB page to keep you up-to-date. Tonight the birds were roosting on Shapwick Heath and quite a crowd turned out.

Shapwick Heath

As we waited I picked up a Bittern in flight that dropped into the reeds as soon as I called it. We also had a Marsh Harrier knocking around which at one point really disturbed the roost. Sadly tonight wasn’t a classic – that’s not to say there weren’t plenty of birds 2-3 million would be a good guess but they roosted very quickly and parties just kept flying in and settling. Not the spectacle we’d hoped for but very impressive all the same.

Music fans will know that Murmur was R.E.M’s first album way back in 1983. Radio Free Europe remains one of my favourite R.E.M. songs.

And for fans of Roxy Music I couldn’t resist Avalon…


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