Purple Patch

We had stayed the night in Bridlington courtesy of a Groupon offer that Leigh had found so this morning we were down at a very, very cold Harbour to have a look at the waders. A few Turnstone were feeding on the harbour walls.




Delightful as the Turnstone is the bird we’d come to see was Purple Sandpiper. At least 50 were happily feeding at the bottom of a vert slippery slip-way and if they had a sense of humour they’d have been desperate for a fat photographer to slip-up. At least one bird was ringed so we’ll see if we can find out where.

Purple Sandpiper

Purple Sandpiper

Purple Sandpiper

Other waders included Knot and Dunlin… shame the light wasn’t better as they were all really tame.





2 responses to “Purple Patch

  1. Could well be an Aberdeen bird with that red ring. Is that a lime green flag I see attached to the other leg as well? they can be very difficult to see in the field…

  2. thedrunkbirder

    It’s an orange ring on the right leg. Nick Moran at the BTO asked if there was a green ring. I have to say I hadn’t noticed but guess there’s something green there. As you say difficult to see in the field. I only noticed the orange in the photos. I’ll have to review them all again tomorrow.

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