Green Flag

I had sent my Purple Sandpiper photos to Nick Moran at the BTO and got an email back ask whether or not the bird showed a hint of a green flag on it’s right leg… a review of the photos this morning shows that it clearly has…

Purple Sandpiper

Looking at the internet it seems it may have been ringed in Scotland… hopefully I’ll get details back from either the RSPB or BTO.



2 responses to “Green Flag

  1. thedrunkbirder

    I was slightly out on where the bird was ringed as I just received this email…

    Hi John,
    I have just now received email from Ron about a flagmarked Purple. Unfortunately I cannot read the letters  on the flag. Have you a photo where you can read the 3 white letters? And where and when did you see the bird? When I have information enough, I will tell you all I know about the bird. As Ron write, it is ringed in Svalbard.

    Best wishes,
    Kjell Mork Soot,

  2. Carl Baggott

    Hi John, I saw quite a few Purple Sandpipers around Longyearbyen during July this year sporting green flags. Many of the birds around the town were wearing colourful jewelry, which slightly frustrated me as I went there to photograph un-tamed landscapes and wildlife. Of course your sighting balances my feeling at the time as it confirms the chosen wintering ground for some of these high Arctic breeders. Keep up the good work.

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