The Colour Purple

At the risk of becoming a Purple Sandpiper bore this might be my last post on the colour ringed bird I photographed yesterday. I trawled the other photos and found one that allowed the flag to be read.

Purple Sandpiper CPX

Here’s a copy of the info I received this evening.

Thank you very much for taking the time to report to us details of the sighting of a flagged Purple Sandpiper  (Calidris maritima). Information about this bird and its movement is given below:

Ring no : Stavanger 8B11621.

Flag CPX ( Left tarsus : metal. Left tibia : orange colour ring.  Right tibia: (dark) green flag engraved with three white letters CPX.)

Age/sex/biometrics: 1K (1Y), hatched  2011.Wing 131 mm.Weight 60,4g. Bill 25,3 mm.

Ringing date: 26.08.2011, 16 hrs.

Ringing place: Longyearbyen (78.13.13N-15.40.06ESvalbard / Spitzbergen

Remarks: Very young, downy around the  bill and in the neck.

Ringer: Kjell Mork Soot

Finding date:28.11.2011 .

Observed : Bridlington Harbour (54.04N-00.11W) East Yorkshire, England

Observer : John Hague

Distance: 2751  km  SSW. Direction:  202 deg.

Time: 0-3-2. (3 months, 2 days)

Remarks: Photo-documented.

If you notice any errors in the information, please inform us about your corrections.

1274 Purple Sandpipers were flagged with  lime/light green flag and orange marker ring  in Longyearbyen year 2010. Ca. 300 were ringed with only  metal ring because we had no more flags. In year 2011  we  flagged 1087  Purples with green flag engraved with white letters (because lime is  out of stock) , and orange marker ring in Longyearbyen. Year 2009:   665 were flagged with orange flag at Sørkappøya (South Cape Island), Svalbard, and 99 year 2011 (yellow marker ring).

Thank you very much for this interesting information! If you are interested to see photos etc from Longyearbyen, and see the place  where CPX was ringed, It is members of LoFF (Longyearbyen Feltbiologiske Forening)  who are ringing/flagging Purples at Svalbard. More about our projects you also find in

About Norwegian colour ringing  see:

This information will be sent to Ringing Centre, Stavanger Museum, Norway and  Ringing Centre, BTO, UK.

And we hope, of course,  that you will look for flagged  Purple Sandpipers in the future !

This year we have started flagging Dunlin (Calidris alpina) at Svalbard: Orange flag on right  tibia engraved with 3 black letters, and one  orange marker ring on left tibia..

Yours  sincerely,    Kjell Mork Soot


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